Education credentials are precious

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Higher education credentials are precious, we keep our diplomas in our homes and offices, on walls or in safes. The organizations that issue them also treat them with the same level of care, special paper, embossing, signatures and more.  But when we need to share them or easily validate them…

Verif-y has been developing and offering solutions for digitally sharing various credentials for the past several years.  Our thinking is as follows:

Offices of the Registrar, Admissions and Career Services handle a myriad of student, alumni and applicant services. The Registrar receives constant requests for diploma, transcript and enrollment verifications. The Admissions Office processes thousands of applications annually, and the Office of Career Services assists students in finding their careers. The effort to manage these services are resource and time intensive – requiring phone calls, emails, faxes and much more.

Verif-y modernizes the relationship between the university and the student or alumni as well as between the employer and job applicants. For the first time these parties have a better way to securely transfer this highly valuable and critically important piece of professional information. Verif-y’s platform communicates directly, which cuts out the middlemen, thus saving all parties involved time and money, while improving relationships and securing the brand. In contrast to existing solutions, Verif-y’s platform provides a more reliable, less expensive, real-time verification process by enhancing current legacy methods with a direct, highly secure, data-driven process.

We seamlessly translate the official university records to a secure digital (blockchain supported) format that universities and students can share with any third party. Diplomas, transcripts, examinations, and other records are all available and require little to no change of exiting systems, methods and infrastructure.

Organizations access their administrator dashboards via our SaaS platform and are able to review all pertinent information in real time. Conversely, individuals may request credential verification via the Verif-y web or mobile app. In both scenarios, the request is sent through the Verif-y platform; where our algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence engines make the appropriate authoritative determination regarding the data’s authenticity.

Employers and educational institutes already conserve time and money using our Credential and Employment Verification engine, while individuals maintain control over their own hard- earned information.

  • With Verif-y, the users own, manage and share their credentials with express consent
  • We reduce the costs and complexity of global academic credential verifications
  • We offer new and larger potential revenue source for the university
  • Alumni Offices can offer a new and valuable service to its Alumnus
  • We give Career Services a new tool to help students/alumni stand out in the job market
  • Verif-y addresses global data privacy regulations such as GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and others by utilizing our blockchain based credential verification and storage solutions

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