Venue Identity Verification is the Future and Here's Why.

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Covid-19 has changed every aspect of how individuals carry out day-to-day life. With vaccination rates rising and re-opening occurring around the world, some industries are still wary about re-opening at full capacity. The largest industries that are still being negatively impacted by Covid are the entertainment industries, specifically venues.

The universal desire for a return to normalcy is still being halted by fears regarding public health and safety in large group events


During 2021 dozens of venues made plans to host large, full capacity events, only to go on to cancel them weeks later. The universal desire for a return to normalcy is still being halted by fears regarding public health and safety in large group events. While government officials in the UK are hosting large-crowd event experiments and analyzing the results, the fastest and easiest way to safely & securely re-admit concert and sports lovers back into the crowded, joyful entertainment experiences can be solved by implementing the use of on simple solution; digital identity software.

How Can Digital Identity Software Help?

Digital identity software, specifically solutions using blockchain technology, allow a user to prove their vaccination status and identity in a safe, contactless manner that adds no compliance risk to venues or individuals as all the information is stored on a customer's phone, rather than by a venue owner. Once a user has proven vaccination status, or a negative test result, they could enter a venue without worrying about the risk that they could expose other concertgoers to, and venue owners would no longer need to worry about a public health catastrophe beginning at their events. This technology has already been created and is being used around the world to welcome back users to normality. Verifying health status has an added benefit of allowing individuals that are unable to be vaccinated, due to health or other reasons, to re-enter venues without the worry of contracting Covid-19. These individuals can store negative Covid test results on their phones by leveraging the same technologies in order to enter venues.

This idea has already been implemented at some venues in the United States. For examples for sports venues requiring vaccination: At New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Knicks and Rangers fans are required to show proof of their health status before they can attend games. The idea of vaccination for full-capacity sports events has spread beyond Manhattan; in order to attend a home game played by The Buffalo Bills or The San Francisco Giants, vaccination status is required. Additionally, maintaining a 6-ft social distance at concert venues, places with individuals packed in as tight as possible with the occasional mosh-pit, has stopped many venues from re-opening. However, many concert venues are beginning to require vaccination including on top of all concerts held at the sports stadiums above, Motorco Music Hall in Durham North Carolina, Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (CMAC) New York, and others. In Florida where it is illegal to require vaccination proof to enter a venue, one band decided to take a stand. They implemented an interesting pricing structure by charging $18 for vaccinated attendees and $1000 for unvaccinated attendees (the cost of the fine for requiring vaccination).

Vaccination rates by continent

European vaccination rates, as well as vaccination rates in other continents, lag behind North America due to lack of supply. As a result, far fewer entertainment venues have begun to reopen. However, the idea of using a digital identity platform to share vaccination status is thriving. Seven countries within the EU have banded together to create a Covid-19 passport which will allow not only for easier travel within Europe, but a return to normal life. As vaccination rates increase and venues are able to re-open, vaccination requirements for large events will likely begin to occur.

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