Why Identity Verification is the Future of Remote Onboarding

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Many have referred to 2021 as the year of the ‘great resignation’. Talented and skilled professionals have been transitioning out of roles and into new ones, seeking a greater work life balance, satisfaction, and better compensation amongst others. Despite the potential excitement for these talented individuals; the ‘great resignations’ remote nature has created significant challenges for businesses. The already tedious pre-employment screenings have consequently become even more challenging due to court closures and lack of in-office proximity. To combat these digital hurdles, it’s important that companies look to leverage innovative technology to reduce new employee onboarding times and create more personal experiences.

What Can Be Done?


Employers around the U.S. remain remote and do not plan on returning to work until January. In the meantime, this will force these companies to maintain strong onboarding and hiring practices to keep up during a time of such great transition. In a recent poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that out of 1,150 employed Americans, over 40% are actively searching for a new job. In order to ensure that company interview and onboarding processes can keep up with demand, employers should expand their background check processes to include additional measures. Due to the remote nature of onboarding, this also ensures that their applicants are indeed who they say they are. Identity Verification screenings are already a part of most onboarding process but doing so digitally is more difficult for employers without the proper infrastructure. If your business plans to hire remote contractors or freelancers, Verif-y suggests evaluating Identity Verification to enhance the onboarding and review process.

How Does Identity Verification Help?

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)Identity Verification allows employers to go the extra mile compared to the typical, manual background check procedures. Instead of relying solely on database searches and SSN checks, employers can feel more at ease as they confirm an individual’s ID against their personal information. This confirmation step enables employers to check if applicants are fabricating their information or are using stolen credentials. Lastly, Identity Verification is a great tool to help reduce the time required to upload documents or to fill out long manual forms. With Identity Verification, applicants simply scan their ID cards to prefill tedious application fields, while employers can streamline the application process to increase the number of quality candidates.

Now that you know some of the advantages of requiring identity verification screenings as part of your onboarding process, click below to learn more about how you can get started with Verif-y. Our background check and identity verification services are leveraged by companies across the globe, and are customizable per your needs.

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