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Real-World Credential Fraud: Netflix releases Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new special (I highly recommend you do), here is a brief summary. 

The documentary re-enacts transcripts of conversations recorded by FBI wire taps from their investigation nicknamed Operation Varsity Blues. The FBI investigated a widespread college admissions scam conducted between Rick Singer and high paying parents to get their children into prestigious U.S. colleges and universities. 

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Launching your Digital Transformation to Decrease Risk

Verif-y’s end-to-end identity-proofing solutions provide a fresh approach as to how organizations execute their digital strategy and how they consumemanage, and protect their customers digital identities (Personally Identifiable Information – “PII”).

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Education credentials are precious

Higher education credentials are precious, we keep our diplomas in our homes and offices, on walls or in safes. The organizations that issue them also treat them with the same level of care, special paper, embossing, signatures and more.  But when we need to share them or easily validate them…

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